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Financial Advice

Register your interest for compensation for investment losses due to negligent or impaired advice.

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Office & Business supply and rental contracts: exit obstacles, penalties, excessive terms

Register your interest for compensation regarding exit obstacles & excessive contract periods in rental and service contracts for:

Rent to Buy (Instalment) Land Contracts

Register your interest for compensation for or cancellation of unconscionable and misleading conduct in instalment (rent to buy) land and property contracts with exorbitant gross payments or excessive terms.

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Franchise Disputes

Register your interest in relation to franchise misleading & deceptive conduct or other financial dispute.

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Contract disputes

Contract disputes occur frequently. From property deals, construction contracts and professional services, we are expert in unravelling contract disputes and giving practical advice for their resolution.



Unfair terms & misleading conduct

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) offers robust protection against corporate misconduct especially in relation to the supply of services and sale of goods and services.


Compensation Claims

Click here for compensation claims advice.


Banking & Credit facility late payment fees and penalties

Register your interest for compensation for late payment; penalty interest and other penalty recoveries.

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Anti-competitive conduct

Federal law prevents companies entering into arrangements or understandings that are designed to keep out competitors or have any other anti-competitive purpose or effect. Exclusive dealing, price-fixing and "misuse of market power" are also proscribed. Substantial damages are payable as a result.


Construction disputes

Disputes in the construction industry are common, as is the need for cash flow.


Debt Recovery

Need to recover a debt?

While it might be sensible to write off a small debt, large amounts should not be forgotten about.


Bankruptcy & insolvency

Enforcement action such as seizing and selling goods or real estate, or bankrupting the debtor sometime becomes a necessity.

For debtors we can help resist enforcement action, negotiate insolvency agreements or prevent your company from going into liquidation.




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